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Are you prepared for some of the most exciting time in your life?
Do you want to witness mentalism performed by a second-to-none magician?

If you are truly interested in mind reading or close-up magic, then better watch carefully.
As a mentalist with vast experience and unmatched skills, I will make sure that you are well entertained at any event. I am available for corporate event, private parties or an audience that is eager to dive into an amazing world of magic and mystics. Will your mind play tricks on you or you will witness first-class magician? You will never know unless you see it for yourself. My performance is suitable for people of any age, who loves the unexpected mixed with captivating intrigue and laughable moments.
The show of your life is just one call away.
Close-up magic - Focus your eyes and try not to blink, because my tricks will amaze even the most sceptical mind. Enjoy the beauty of a close-up magical performance that you will remember forever and share the experience with your friends and family.
Mind Reading - “How does he knows it?” This question haunts my audience for weeks after a show. Let me raise the stakes and gift you the most entertaining event in your lifetime. Confusing, amazing and inspiring at the same time.
Mentalism - The time to spend the most mystifying night is finally here. Make sure to experience the finest moments of unprecedented magic right in front of you by well-known mentalist with extraordinary skills and talents.

About Me

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"

Roald Dahl
Working internationally as « Mentalist & Close up Magician », I'm performing at various events around the world. Some examples are as follows: corporate events, hotels, restaurants, private dinners, wedding and seminars.
Performing Close-up Magic, walking around your guests for an intimate atmosphere, personal and professional feels. And/Or performing for larger groups with this surprisingly Mentalism performance of Mind reading, metal bending, Blindfolded driving a car, etc. My performance is guaranteed to leave audiences speechless.
close-up magic

Close-up Magic

2h of Close-up Magic for the pleasure of your guests, walking around them for an intimate atmosphere with tricks, levitations and more...

Close-up Magic
Seeing is believing

Mentalism performance

45mn performance of Mentalism, Mind reading, Q&A and some metal bending.

Mentalism Act
Mentalism - Mind reading - Q&A
card game

Poker demonstration

30mn of Poker demonstration, cards cheating, classic poker or Hold them poker. Perfect for Casino or passionate players.

The "Game Blur"
Poker demonstration

What I can do for you

I don't want realism. I want Magic.

Tennessee Williams
Close-up Magic is the art of performing in front of the audience, between 20 to 50 cm from their eyes. Using everyday objects like lighter, cigarettes, coins, cards and all that the performer can use surrounding himself
Perfect for bars and restaurants, highly appreciate from the majority of the guests due of the intimate atmosphere and complicity that the Magician creates between him and his audience without beeing intrusive.

To reveal the secrets to magic is to reveal the bloodied, calloused feet of the world's most beautiful ballerina.

30 mn desmonstration of Poker dealing, techniques and subtilities. Your guests and players, especially cards's lover will stay astonished by this particular performance mixing fun and mind open act.
Mentalism and Mind reading act will leave your guests speechless. Perfect for a stage, the mentalism is the art of using different techniques like NLP, body language, hypnosis and all of these skills mixed together will make and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Be weird. Be unusual. Don't take advice from people who bore you.

Power of the Magic's communication is limitless. You have a product to sell or to launch? Why don't using the services of an experienced Magician to sell it? Increase your leads and as well your sales
A Magician on your stand for your next trade show will ensure a great success and put your product into the visitor's mind forever. The goal here is not only to entertain people, is first of all to atract and convert them into buyers and active leads.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

Zig Ziglar
All it's possible, isn't the best DAY of your life? Let's put some Magic and fun during your wedding. Close-up Magic during the cocktail, during the dinner with not some surprise for your guests to make sure that this day will stay the best forever.
An act totaly new for your guests, A Fake Waiter!!! Imagine a waiter a little bit crazy and looking stupid making mistakes and other jokes to your guests! A real shock for them with a range part of laughs. Gags and fun for all with a FINAL surprise.

Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.

Arthur C. Clarke
A birthday to celebrate, a private night or cocktail party. A magician will be your best partner to help you to trasnform your event in success. During the cocktail, the dinner or even late during the night.
The Magic of the night will bring some stars in the eyes of your friends and familly. Let's the charm of the night bring some surprise and stars in the eyes of your guests.


"MAGIC is not about tricks. And is not easy. This is an art that takes years of practice just to perfect a move that no one else will notice or appreciate. This is the craft that MAKES others believe you can do things that are impossible - and impossible is hard. Some PEOPLE think that doing one trick makes you a magician. It does not. A magician is someone who can not live, breathe, sleep, or even DREAM without thinking about doing the impossible."


magic award

2015 - First Award of Close-up Magic

“International Magic Convention MAGIBOR”, Maribor - Slovenia

Received: November 2015

2000 - First Award of Close-up Magic

“Les plus grands Magiciens à Cagnes-sur-mer”, Cagnes-sur-mer - France

Received: March 2000

1999 - First Award of Close-up Magic

"La Colombe d'Or", Antibes/Juan-les-pins - France

Received: March 1999

What people say?

"Hi Guy, just wanted to tell everyone how amazing your show was at the Radisson last month. great performance but also loved the way you included each table without being intrusive."

Paul B. (Croatia)

What people say?

"He is a real magician and entertainer. I saw him many times and it was always fascinating! I can strongly recommend him."

Christophe B. (Egypt)

What people say?

"Great performer! very skillful. When in opportunity C O M E and watch him!"

Renata T. (Croatia)

Latest News

7 Days in a Magician's life
Paul Bradbury | 18.11.2015
He is Split's favourite Frenchman, and his magic tricks have enthralled guests in several of the city's top restaurants and hotels over the last year or so, and it would seem that the magic of Guy Pardillos is rather special indeed. A television appearance in France is followed by first prize at the International Magic Convention in Slovenia. Congratulations, Sir, I am proud to have you as a neighbour across the Channel.
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chops grill
French Magic
Paul Bradbury | 31.5.2014
French magician Guy Pardillos. It seems that wherever he is performing, good food is sure to follow. I first say Guy perform at Radisson Blu Hotel a few months ago at the Andro Tomic Wine and Dine event, a quality show. Guy then appeared at Restaurant Gariful on Hvar, the island's most exclusive fish restaurant, where he will perform every Monday throughout the season. We had a beer together at Gariful, where he told me how much he had enjoyed the opening night at F-de mar on West Coast, and that he would soon be performing every Sunday at Chops Grill.
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Mentalist Guy Pardillos is FANTASTIC
Paul Bradbury | 10.4.2014
This skilled Frenchman gliding from table to table, taking the measure of the seated guests and adjusting his magical tricks accordingly. It was an art form in itself, and he had perfected the art of making each table feel special and enhancing their evening without intruding at all.
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Richard Hammond from Top Gear Gets Magic French Driving Tips in Split
Paul Bradbury | 23.8.2014
The Hamster is staying in Split with family (no need to reveal where), but I am just a little concerned about this new friendship, as Monsieur Pardillos does his own line in crazy blindfold driving, and who knows where things could end up if they spend too much time together?
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